Cooking in Morocco

I remember falling in love with cooking in college, when I was tired of the monotony of my meals, and I couldn’t figure out how to de-stress. My palate was incredibly bored of eating simple meal, after simple meal, and no variety. Then, one day, something clicked, and I’ve had enough. Out of nowhere, with no particular inspiring event, I became obsessed with learning everything I could possibly learn about cooking. I bought too many top rated cook books and cooking reference books off Amazon, and searched the internet for dozens of tips and cooking skills. Then, when I joined AmeriCorps NCCC, I lost the luxury of cooking for one (sometimes two), and being able to spend an evening trying new recipes (with a higher budget might I add). I served in AmeriCorps NCCC for 10 months, and lived/worked/slept with about 9 other people in my team. Two of us would cook dinner for everyone one night of the week and only had a $25 dollar budget for the entire meal, along with having to satisfy everyone’s different diets. It was a challenge, and honestly, it was hard to keep that love of cooking with such boundaries. Now, I will be living alone in Morocco for two years. Even with a very limited variety of foods, I’m still incredibly excited to be able to fall in love with cooking again and having more time and freedom to explore it further. This page is dedicated to all the new (and some old) recipes that I will attempt while living in a small village in Morocco.


1. My First Meal in My Home newname